Entering a New Phase: Hyper-Mobility

Entering a New Phase: Hyper-Mobility

We are taking our adventure in a new direction—the era of the High-Performance Mobile Dwelling Unit has ended and we are now the proud owners of the Hyper-Mobility Headquarters (HMHQ).

Many of you followed our adventure of building our mobile home/RV/not-a-tiny-house from scratch. It’s an amazing structure that we truly enjoyed building and living in, but while it was the perfect choice for us at the time of its invention and while we resided in it, the HPMDU not longer fits our needs.

The bullet points:

  • The HPMDU is up for sale
  • All the animals have been sold, re-homed, or eaten (except the cats)
  • We bought land in Arizona
  • We bought an HMHQ

So what is an HMHQ? Well, it’s a modern-day travel trailer from an amazing company called Outdoors RV. I could go on about the origins, values, and philosophy of the company, but that might be another post. For now, for those of you who are into RVs, I’ll mention that they are part of the Northwood family.

And our little home was made in the United States, and that matters to us.

On a more technical note, the HMHQ is four-season rated, built rugged enough and with enough clearance to go off road, and just the perfect size at ~22 feet inside and 27 feet from nose to tail. It also has running water and an insane amount of cupboards.

Why the Change to Hyper-Mobility?

Well, the short answer is this was actually our original intention.

But, we got sidetracked by everything from money to our unfailing love of learning. Because we love to learn, we often succumb to hobbies, which means acquiring stuff and losing mobility. We also wanted a home base and still plan to maintain one. But we’d also like to be bored once in a while. Just once in a while. Not often. But if we wanted to, it might be fun for a minute.

Plus, we’re not getting younger and we don’t want to set ourselves up for a life that’s not sustainable through the many years we plan to be around. So, we’re going to capitalize on our love to learn and our natural wanderlust, and use the HMHQ to travel, meet new people, and see new places. All while building up two retirement properties at a very slow place. The first of which will be in Arizona, where we purchased property earlier this year (someday I’ll post the pictures, I swear).

And, in event @$%# hits the fan, we feel very capable of handling ourselves and supporting ourselves, so these past years, from our urban-homestead backyard-chicken days to our ultra-off-grid Idaho hideaway days have been fully worth the effort. Even if nothing ever hits the fan our level of appreciation for all things has been greatly deepened. Seriously, do you even understand how amazing it is you can just turn a knob and have hot water?

This does not mean we are going back “on the grid.” We are still set up to be off-grid for as long as we feel like and fully believe in downsizing use and increasing responsibility in order to prolong the sustainability of our planet.

We still plan to hunt, fish, and forage as much as possible. And one of the biggest reasons we are excited for this adventure is because it means we get more time outdoors and more time in amazing natural places. This way we can follow the seasons and live more off the land, buy fresh food locally according to the seasons, etc.

We Are Seeking House Sitting Gigs

Turns out our services are in demand. In the last few days, we’ve been asked to house-sit/ranch-sit by a few different friends. Between now and the end of the year, we have plans to spend time in Idaho, Washington, Wyoming, and Arizona.

But we’d love to come to your neck of the woods!

We are, of course, very responsible grown human beings. We are also capable of caring for all kinds of animals, from pets to livestock. We can tend gardens, as well.

While RV hook-ups are certainly handy, we have systems in place for dumping our grey and black water, so really we only require a fresh water hook-up and minimal electricity (we have a portable solar system that comes with us).

We enjoy both rural and urban settings and are open to just about anything except California. (Sorry, Cali-folks. We are big fans of the Constitution and all our rights—not just the odd numbered ones.)

P.S. Even if you don’t need a house/ranch-sitter, but just think it’d be fun to have us come visit, let us know! We are ultra-handy and love to pitch in. Oh, and we’d love to share our knowledge of off-grid living!

If you’d like us to visit you or have us house-sit/ranch-sit, drop us a note!