Our Mission

What Is Hunt, Gather, Brew?

You might not guess that Hunt, Gather, Brew is about taking care of yourself and improving every aspect of your life, but that’s what we are here to do and teach. While we write about many topics, the focus is always health and happiness.

Hunting and gathering often refers to food, but can apply to anything you need to look for and collect.

Brewing can (and does) refer to the homebrewing of beer, wine, mead, and cider, but also to the art of homebrewing anything you need – a radio, a bicycle, a bow, ammunition, a community, a chicken plucker, whatever you need to accomplish a given objective.

Self-reliance is a vanishing art. Did you know you can now buy pre-made Jell-O?

Becca and I spend our lives in a constant state of learning. We have no intention of stopping now, and look forward to bringing you along with us as we share the knowledge we have and experience new ways to expand our skills and abilities. We will even share the failures and the hard lessons.

Now, a few words on the why of Hunt, Gather, Brew.

It’s a sad situation out there. Happiness and well-being is in the toilet while personal debt is at an all-time high. No matter how much stuff we buy, it’s not satisfying us.

It’s interesting to note that in this article about the happiness of residents of various states that the bottom ten states scored 62.3-65.0 out of 100 while the 10 happiest states scored 68.0-70.2. That’s a pretty small spread and even the happiest state, Hawaii, got a C-.

What seems clear is that there is room for improvement.

We are living through the decline and fall of the United States as a superpower. As the value of the US dollar dwindles, the influence we once enjoyed dwindles with it. When we reach the point where we have maxed out all the “credit cards”, the best outcome is that the world will turn its back on us. The worst is that we will be thrown in to the equivalent of debtor’s prison. Need proof? Check out Greece.

If our government can’t, or won’t, take care of us but prefers instead to divest us of our money (or devalue it to nothing through poor management or as a side effect of greed), we must consider alternative methods to provide for ourselves.

Reducing your dependence on established systems before those systems collapse is key.

While many “preppers” (a term I struggle with, as it has only connotation and no denotation) envision some acute catastrophe, either natural or artificial, taking our society from fully functional to complete disarray in a matter of hours or days, that is highly unlikely. What is more likely is akin to the wrinkles forming around your eyes. At first, unnoticed, then, ignored, then deepening and forcing your recognition.

I believe we are already in the beginning stages and we all know it on some level. Social security, collected by my grandparents and, soon, my parents, will almost certainly not be there for us, despite spending our working lives paying in a constantly growing percentage of our income.

The freedoms we once knew are disappearing every day, and the voices of dissent are few, faint, and drowned out quickly by the cries of bureaucrats hawking the next defense contract we need to fund, prohibition we need to enact, or right we need to give up. No nail clippers on airplanes, and no food on the table.

This is not doomsaying, but rather an attempt to spread hope and light to combat the growing despair brought on by fear mongering that covers these erosions of freedom.

Every man or woman who lives without fear is a threat to those who use it for control.

When you can take care of yourself, insecurity is hard to come by. The more facets of your existence that you bring under your own control, the fewer ways there are to harm, stop, or control you.

To that end, this website is devoted to improving your level of security through self-reliance, even if you don’t need it right now. It’s a backup plan nobody can take from you and that will bring you a feeling of power and happiness that is all too rare.

We explore, learn, and teach ways to:

  • Take care of your body and health
  • Improve food security, quality, and enjoyment
  • Shelter yourself anywhere
  • Get around under your own power
  • Strengthen your mind and will
  • Improve physical security
  • Improve your relationships, with others and yourself
  • Enjoy the life you’re living to the fullest

While it’s impossible to predict every topic we might cover, you are sure to find information on exercise and training plans to stay fit and ready for anything, food acquisition and preservation, saving money without sacrificing lifestyle, eating well, personal responsibility, animal husbandry, butchery, minimalism, reviews of truly useful products that we use, fishing, hunting, trapping, survival, recipes, foraging, plant, mushroom, and tree identification, mechanical maintenance (cars, trucks, small engines, bicycles, etc.), beer, wine, mead and cider, and more.

Join us, please, and add your knowledge and experience to the mix!

Winslow and Becca