You may already know who we are, or you might have stumbled in from a strange place. Either way, you are welcome, traveler, as long as you are honest and your intentions are good. Like the sign I want to put on our gate: Welcome, friends. All others, turn back now.

Okay, so who are we?

We are two 40-somethings who’ve been living a nomadic lifestyle our whole lives…without even realizing it. We have recently come to grips that we are meant to move around, and are adapting our life to fit.

cropped-IMAG2670.jpgWe are in the process of downsizing, minimalizing, and throwing stuff out. We are also in the process of building our “HPMDU” (high-performance mobile dwelling unit) so we can begin our new life as full-time homesteaders and sharers of knowledge, skills, and experience.

Join us as we share how we save money, live frugally, live responsibly, shop for bargains, learn about mobile living, and seize our dreams and happiness.

Want to know more about us? Check out our Mission Statement!

Winslow & Becca

  • Ran into your article on Breaking Muscle I think on Crossfit. Following you ever since on Facebook.

    • Becca J

      Wow, thanks, Roy! Thanks for following and for stopping by to read here, too! Much appreciated!